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Hey Tron! How are you?
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"Greetings, User! I’m doing well, thank you. I haven’t been derezzed yet, anyway."

Good to hear that. Something new about the revolution? :)

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That awkward moment when you see Tron running at the ceiling…

(And yes, I’m alive and back. Thank you for your patience, followers) :)

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Tron-lover census! If you are a User or Program that loves Tron, reblog this! That way we can see how many of us are on Tumblr!





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You're awesome and I hope you keep doing what you're doing. :)
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Thank you so much! It makes me really happy to hear that ! :)

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I´m sorry that this blog is almost dead, but I´m working on some top-secret Tron projects, which you´ll get to see soon :)

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Tron Uprising storyboard

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Concept art and final look part 3

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Some questions: How did it come that Roz got repurposed? And how tall is she? If Roz was a human how old would she be and what would be her favorite food? What' s her favorite color? Or doesn't she has one? If she could choose: lightbike or lightjet? Ok, that's it. :D I know, I'm very curious ^^
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//Oh man! Ummm, let’s see… 

//When programs were being selected for the Black Guard, she gave herself up to rectification because she decided she could not fight for nor against CLU, out of respect and loyalty, as a soldier. He deemed her response worthy enough for re-purposing, instead of death. 

//If Roz was born human, I imagine she’d be…comparatively? Oh man. Old! I’m not very good at the Tron math, but she’d be pretty high up there. But compared to how long the system has been around in human years, if she were the same age, she’d probably be…30s, maybe younger? I hope any of that made sense! Her favorite food might be ummm….pie! I don’t know, I see her eating pie. 

//Her favorite color is probably red or orange…the reason being painfully obvious. Although gold is probably highly regarded, just not adorned. :B 

//Roz definitely prefers the lightjet - it has little to no restrictions on travel, it’s extremely fast, and it has its own firing weapons. Reliable, fast, and extremely dangerous - definitely fits all of the lieutenant’s preferences! 

//I don’t mind your curiosity at all! I’m honored! Thank you! :D

Thank you for the answer :)

And why was she selected for repurposing? Just because Clu was in need of new soldiers?

She looks younger. Like 24 or 25. :)

Eating pie… interesting… and yummy ^^

Orange makes totally sense. If I had to guess I would have choose orange, too ;)

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I´m listening to the T:U soundtrack songs which were released last month and my heart is bleeding… I want to know which stories they tell… I need a second season so bad… or at least a final episode…

Tears are starting to fill my eyes again, when I think about the end…

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"I… was the first… RENEGADE!!!!" *dramatic music*

Sure… *sceptical look*

Because it´s April 1th