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Beck and Tron entering the User world. :)
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You get 100 words, because feels.


Up ahead, Alan-One paused, allowing the programs a moment to themselves. Beck, leaning in so the User wouldn’t hear, whispered, “Are you afraid?”

Tron snorted. “No peripherals, no pingbacks — no discs? Blood running through me instead of power? My User’s there in front of us. You bet I’m afraid. But here’s the thing, Beck.”

He smiled, the expression pulling at the scarred skin on his cheek.

"We don’t let that stop us."

Beck let out a relieved breath, tension flowing out of him, just as Tron had intended.

Then, side by side, they walked through the Arcade door.

Awwww… this makes me incredible happy!!! 

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!

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Concept Art~~~~~

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Run, Becky, run!!

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This is exactly how I felt today.

But instead of ‘Welcome Home’ it was more like ’ Welcome to the House of Pain’.

I was on my way back home from university while there were some great thunderstorms. No big deal I thought… until my train crashed into a tree, which had fallen on the rails… great… it was announced that the accidentmanager (yeah, this guy is really called like this) would arrive soon and that we were save. We just should be patient and shouldn’t panic. So we waited and waited and waited. Half an hour later or so firefighters and the emergency arrived to make sure that everyone was ok and tried to get the tree away from the rails. The whole situation felt so unreal with the storm, the damaged train, no one knew what was going on… And when they announced that the first part of the train had to be evacuated I really felt like I was stuck in one of those crappy blockbusters. Only the explosions and the screaming people were missing. But in the end it was only a big noise about nothing. The train had 2 hours delay, but everyone was ok at least and we didn’t have to get evacuated.

Maybe I should write a book about this, like ‘Trains And Other Accidents’ by Anna, the student who just wanted to get home.

Ok… I really should go to bed…

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Okay what the fuck is going on with tronblr?!


Guys! We just had a virtual con to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of the movie we all love so much! Can’t we all just get along?! ;A;

You´re so right, my dear, so right…

uhh… so many feels…. ^^´´

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Happy Birthday, Tron.

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Cut my hair, cut my hair, wanna see if I care?

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Happy Video Games Day!